Election Platform 11 children from the year 2017/2018

Vote now through our Facebook pagethe best nursery last year with 11 Perron wall decoration and make chance of a wall sticker of your choice worth max. 50 euros!

Here's how you participate!


You can now on our Facebook pagevotes which picture of a Perron 11 kids you the most. By voting and our Facebook page Liking thing you into the prize: a wall sticker choice t.w.v. max 50 euro


Of course, the owners of the rooms do also win a great prize. The more the picture ' s shared, the more votes the picture ' s gain. You want to win the room of your choice? Share the photo feel as often as you want! You may view up to 3 '. S vote

You can vote between 20 March and 29 March 2018. After that, select an independent jury three winners of photo ' s most votes. We also auctions than any voter wall sticker wi March 30 The winners will be announced on our Facebook page.

How can you vote?

Go to the photo album on our Facebook page

- Pay 1 to 3 pictures ' s you find the best

- Like the Perron 11 Facebook page (click the ' Tracking ' top)

- Photo ' s and/or should the action parts, but do not

The prize for the winner of the ' Perron 11 children of the year '

The winner of the election ' Perron 11 children of the year ' wins in the room suitable accessory of choice worth up to 100 euros. This can eg. A customized lampshade, duvet or even beanbag. The 2nd and 3rd prize respectively win an accessory worth max 75 euros and 50 euros max. Among all voters, we raffle off a wall sticker of your choice worth up to & euro.; 50, -.

read our terms and conditions below.


Action Policy


- These terms and conditions apply to the & ldquo; Election Perron 11 children from the year 2017/2018 & rdquo; (Hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; action & rdquo;) Perron 11


- The action aims to raffle a prize among participants


- This is a temporary action with a maturity of March 15   until March 30, 2018.

- Prizes are not redeemable for cash



- By participating in the contest, the participant declares to accept the conditions of this action. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants if they believe that they are not acting in accordance with the terms and conditions.

- Multiple entries per action is not allowed


Play Mode

- Participation in the action takes place during the promotion period. To participate to participate in this promotion, the participantno later than March 15, 2018e-mail to send in a photo of their children with wallpaper, wall sticker or other article of Perron 11, to: info @ perron11.nl.

-Between 20 and 29 Marchis through the Perron 11 Facebook page to vote on the best nursery. The participants who voted and Perron 11 Facebook page a ' like ' have also given a prize raffle.

- The selection of the winning participants and the associated price afterwards carried by the team Perron 11 and is selected from the picture ' s which most audience votes are cases


- The winners will be announced after the action on the website and the Facebook page www.perron11.nl Perron 11 (with name)


- About the result is further no correspondence



- The winner of the best nursery Perron 11 wins in the room appropriate Perron 11 accessory of choice t.w.v. up to 100 euros. This can eg. A customized lampshade, duvet or even beanbag. The addition of a name or text of choice is possible here.

- The 2nd prize is a Perron 11 accessory worth up to 75 euros respectively


- The 3rd prize is a Perron 11 accessory worth up to 50 euros respectively


- Perron 11 reserves the right to reject ideas if the requirements of the participant does not meet the style of Perron 11 or ideas come from designing other brands/designers


- Perron 11 reserves the right to include in the final draft or a variation of it in her own collection


- The winning voter will win a Perron 11 wallsticker choice t.w.v. max € 50, -.

Other conditions

- The winner has until three months after publication of the results over time to make his or her choice of an accessory/article Perron 11 known


- If a winner their prize not claimed within this period will lapse at the price


- If the winner wishes that the selling price is higher than the product won budget, this is possible by paying the difference  


- Prizes can not be wholly or partially paid in cash


- Prices are not valid with other offers


Participation and data/privacy

- By participating in this Promotion grant winners authorize Perron 11 to use their names and the submitted photos for promotional purposes relating to this action


- The data Perron 11 obtains covered under this action, are included in its database and will confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act


- The data will not be sold to third parties or in any other way made available to third parties



- Platform 11 is not liable for any damage whatsoever, direct and/or indirect, suffered by a participant in any way associated with this action


Final Determination

- Platform 11 is entitled at its sole discretion and without prior notice to alter the terms and conditions, or without reason to stop the action or change, if circumstances require, without being liable for damages in any way against the participants.