Wall decorations Illustration Cat on wood block

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Wall decorations Illustration Cat on wood block

Illustration of a cat and little mouse printed on a solid wood block from berkenplex.

Super nice as wall decoration in the baby room, nursery or just in the living room.   Also nice gift to give as baby shower gift or a birthday.    

The block is 20 x 20 cm and up to 4 cm in thickness, making it truly is a work of art to the wall.  

Additional information

Wall decoration cat and mouse on wooden block

Size:20 x 20 cm

Thickness:4 cm

Materialsolid berkenplex

Styling ideas for cats of art  

As we express this illustration of the cat on a wooden block extra this, it is a true work of art. Nice to put down or hang up, you can have both! Do you have a gallery shelf or a nice (display) table where you would like your most beautiful works of art, maps and/or photo ' s exhibiting? Then you can put the wooden block there quite nicely with. Would you prefer to hang it on the wall? Then that simple. You simply drill a small hole at the back of the block. A nail or screw into the wall and voilà; you hang the cube so without you even see the confirmation  

The story behind this illustration

People who know me know that I adore animals. And cats are one of my favorites! One of our cats was called Buddha. Unfortunately it is a while since deceased, but this depends illustrate it in our living room and reminds us of the great years with this particular hangover. Buddha was six Main Coon and although he had short hair, he had the XL size of the Main Coon inherited, as well as the linx tufts on his ears. Buddha was very smart and also a good mouser. What was very useful for us, since we live in the countryside. Maybe you could say that he was the terror of the neighborhood for the community mice! Yet there was one day a very brave little mouse that dared to compete against Buddha. This brave boy did not just take. Once faced with the Buddha, he broke into a scream and bite Buddha as his nose! That did not expect Buddha and terror he flinched. The brave little mouse took off running and even though the Buddha was the fastest cat in the neighborhood, this gave him enough lead to run back to his hole.