Facts about the Dom Tower of Utrecht and our wall decoration Utrecht

Because we, Jennifer and Sofieke, both live in Utrecht, we love this beautiful city of Utrecht made a wall decoration collection. Thus it is possible to   blackboard sticker  from Dom Tower to order from us. We also sell   poster wallpapercity of Utrecht, where the Dome of course in state. Time for some facts about the Dom:

1. The Dom Tower is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands.

2. The Dom is 112 meters and a few centimeters high.

3. If you are going to climb the Duomo, you have 465 steps up.

Wall Sticker Domtoren Utrecht

Wall Sticker Domtoren Utrecht example nursery
This wall sticker from Dom Tower in Utrecht makes each room unique! In the Netherlands, there is at this time because only one wall sticker Dom tower, and that's it. You buy the wall sticker on our website for € 59.95. Look at the product page about wall sticker Domtorenfor more information.

4. There is a copy of the Dom Tower in Japan. Which is 105 meters high and they have a lift built in. More convenient than 465 steps & hellip;

5. Under the Dom Tower is a basement available, which formerly was probably used as a prison.  

6. The smallest bell in the Dom tower called Adrian.  

Chalkboard Sticker Domtoren Utrecht  

Domtoren blackboard sticker Utrecht nursery

This blackboard sticker from Dom Tower in Utrecht is super hip. You can namely chalk. The blackboard sticker is also very easy to clean with water for many drawing and writing. You buy the blackboard sticker for € 74.95. Look at the product page about blackboard sticker Domtorenfor more information.  


7. The tower watchman Cathedral not only used as a lookout once, he lived there too!

8. There are very many people who marry at the Dom Tower.

9. If you stand on the Dom Tower and the weather is clear, you can see lying Rotterdam.

10. The Dom Tower is more than 600 years the symbol of the city of Utrecht.

Poster Wallpaper Utrecht

Poster Wallpaper Utrecht Dom Tower Kids

This poster wallpaper Utrecht is suitable for all Utrecht fans. On the poster wallpaper you Oudegracht, Utrecht houses and of course there is the Dom Tower. This wallpaper is available with options and can be tailored to your wall. Look at the product page on this poster wallpaper Utrechtfor more information.  

Do you have a fun fact about the Dom or you have a comment on our wall decoration of the city of Utrecht? Leave a comment below!