How does background to the development of your baby

Wallpaper baby's room can give a personal, special and unique atmosphere. Wallpaper fact is much more than just fun for you, as a parent, to watch! A wallpapered on the wall can give your baby because a familiar feeling and arouse the same time.  

Wallpaper in the nursery

Occasionally parents come to us asking if wallpaper in the nursery is not too busy. We always tell them that wallpaper does not have to be busy. Wallpaper can give your baby a familiar feeling and stimulate development.  

Infants16 weeksare working hard to improve their visibility. They are especially ISOLATED interested in black and white, because they perceive this great contrast easy. There you can then keep in mind when decorating the baby's room! An example of suitable wallpaper for example our black and white wallpaper canal house.

Wallpaper nursery canal houses example

After 16 weeksa baby's attention span increases, so he or she will study objects longer. In addition, baby ' s now distinguish colors and they begin to see details of objects. A wallpaper pattern, branch is, or & ndash; tree like our wallpaper "Bird City & rdquo; in pastel tones, stimulates keep watching your little discovery and learning


Baby Furniture with soft pastel shades and wall sticker tree


And you know that baby ' s recognize faces after 16 weeks? The mother of Lars (18 weeks) emailed us: "Lars looks recently consciously to the owls and then a big smile on his face is great to see.". Understandable, because the owls in the tree wallpaper Owl family have big eyes Lars where his attention is immediately drawn.  

Wallpaper Tree family owl sample big eyes babies

If your baby36 to 40 weeksis old, he will learn whether they know the meaning of words. Forming such animals are recognized and sometimes animal sounds are linked to form. How nice is it to tjielpen together to the birds, or the meowing cat on the wall  

How does your baby on the environment?