Living Color Mode Black: daring and quirky

Black in your home: it must again! A stylish black sofa, black accessories, or - for those who dare - black on the wall. Black is mysterious, dramatic, sophisticated but also very chic. Especially in combination with accents   blood red, burgundy, metallic, turquoise, army green or navy blue. Who dares?

Interior with black wallpaper Flower Night Perron 11


In the spring of 2012, I designed the above graphic wallpaper with flower pattern in black with accent colors, turquoise and crimson. I had printed trials and was captivated by the intensity of the colors. It seemed great for the bedroom: seductive, mysterious, sexy but stylish yet happily through the flowers. I did it for me on a wall in a living room that could use a good boost. Or in a restaurant or club. But people would dare? Black remains a bold color for the wall ...

Black as home fashion trend

I showed the draft again just for what it was and decided to use it anyway for our own bedroom if we go wallpaper again. Then I read a few months ago read an article from the Press Center Living with the headline: wallpapernow stands on the site. Do you dare, black on the wall? And for which room you find such a suitable wallpaper?