Pregnant? When you start at the nursery?

Are you just a few months pregnant and have the baby room certainly in order? Whether you wait quietly until you leave? When are you going to redecorate the nursery and what is actually the ideal time to do that?

Nice Dreams

Both times I was pregnant I could not wait to redecorate the nursery. Ideally I wanted as soon as I knew I was pregnant, the room already ready. Just because I so liked to already be working to dream the baby and how tasty little while ago would be sleep. Hubby thought very differently. "Wait till the baby comes," he said, "which still sleeping out in our room." And "Why do you need & uuml; berhaupt what to do room is already neatly painted white baby do not see any difference?". Recognizable? The result was that I listened a bit to hubby and a little to myself. So a month or five I was busy with paint, wallpaper and furniture found on the marketplace.

pregnant woman baby room redecorating


Second quarter

In itself, so around 4 to 6 months a good time to jobs. Most women are in the second half of pregnancy are most active. Any fatigue and nausea of the first trimester are mostly over and your stomach is still not too much in the way. In contrast, of course, an advantage of the last semester is that you have the last weeks leave: lots of time to jobs you might think! Personally, I was glad I was already finished the nursery. In the last semester, you often get tired much faster, you can suffer from hard stomach if you do too much and can also be your belly really getting in the way when you bend down or stand on a ladder. And whether it is really safe to climb with a big belly on a ladder? I think you do feel the answer. And if you want a beautiful new baby room with coordinated furniture? Then you should usually consider a delivery time as ' s 6 weeks to 2 months. Also, this is the second half so well suited.

Bricolage if the baby is

Of course you can wait until the baby is born with the renovation of the nursery. Many new parents let their babies sleep the first few weeks or months in their room. Why would you have need a nursery? The advantage is of course that you are in any way - if you do not want to know during pregnancy - know the sex of your baby. You can now make a real boy's room or girl's room! I myself was, however, pleased that I had the nursery ready when my children were born. First, we really had no time to DIY! Perhaps you will soon have the perfect baby who sleeps for hours, so you have all the time in the world. However, I was the first weeks happy if I could just do some household chores during naps or just yourself here could do a blind eye. Secondly, it is easy to have a room where the side is, the clothes and hang all the stuff your little stand together. Also let me gradually more and more baby ' s doing their naps during the day in their room, so they were used to it. The result moved to their room was smaller.  

Paint Fumes and so

But what about the harmful substances such as paint fumes and during your pregnancy? Yes, that is obviously a thing. If you are going to paint during your pregnancy, you use the best water-based paint. Which contain very little or no solvents. And ventilate while painting is always good anyway. Did you know that there are even real child and mom friendly paints available in various fun kids colors? Check out the website Mommy Paint! Wallpapering during pregnancy can in most cases fine, wallpaper glue is water-based. Our non-woven wallpaper is also completely free of solvents and other harmful substances. And wall stickers? Also   our wall stickersyou can safely stick on and your child can sleep just like the wallpaper directly from the room. They are namely printed with water based inks   and with a special procedée a result of which there is no longer harmful substances are released afterwards. Other wall stickers, which often (eco) solvent inks are used, you can have more than 2 weeks evaporate before you let your baby sleep with it.


But maybe you do not see are totally for jobs during your pregnancy? Then of course you can also outsource the job! With hubby dear friends or just a professional painter and decorator. That can of course!


If you start at the nursery? And will you do it yourself or pay you prefer to? Let us know in a comment below, I am very curious!







Illustrations: Jennifer van der Meer - copyright 2018