Wall Sticker Unicorn Bella

  • Material:Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Application:Herpositioneerbaar
  • Wipe off:Yes
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • In stock:Yes
  • Delivery time:1-2 days
  • Return deadline:14 dagen
  • Designer:Jennifer van der Meer
  • Code:8260

Price: €19,95 for 1 pieces



Wall Sticker Unicorn Bella

This wall sticker Unicorn Bella transforms your chicks chamber in an instant to be in a fairy tale room! Besides the unicorn wall sticker, can be found on the sticker also three stars, two hearts and a flower. The unicorn is the color ' unicorn boyfriend Borand can be combined with the other wall stickers from the series Unicorn World (read more below) .

Format unicorn wall sticker

31,5 x 40 cm (hxw)

+ Additional stickers: three stars, two hearts, one flower

Additional information

A unicorn maids room

Is your girl also as ' s fan of unicorns? Then make her up very happy with this unicorn wall sticker Want to further dress up the room, then combine this sticker with any of our other wall stickers from the series Unicorn World. So it's super fun to combine unicorn wall sticker Bella with her a cloudand paste soft yellow stars around them. Or place them on wall sticker treeThe Whispering Tree in a meadow. If needed moon with swing and catairborne or later all our matching unicorn wall stickers? Then you order these beneficial as complete setin a sale.

Paint Tips at this sticker

The colors of the wall sticker series Unicorn World fit very well with the paint color HeartwoodFlexa. The soft darker pink color of the bodies of our unicorns are similar to the ' '. Heartwood Because this color has been named as THE color of 2018 makes this color is easily combined with other trend colors now. Beautiful is to paste stickers on a white wall or a wall is gesaust in a lighter shade of pink in this color family. Care in the latter case it is sufficient contrast, so choose a very soft tone, so too come good light colors of wall stickers. You can then one or more walls (depending on the size of the room and lighting) in Heartwood painting, or just a shade darker. Also nice: stick the stickers on a graying green or purple. Are you in doubt? Please wall sticker (if he is still on the sticker) with you to the paint store and keep in mixing different paint samples at or drop a color.

Paste Wall Stickers

Our wall decals are of very good quality and are guaranteed very long stick on the wall. And yet they are repositionable, even after some time yet! That makes it very easy pasting. Is the sticker is not to your liking? Then you just get him loose again and paste it again. And thanks to the special drop-adhesive is sticking too easily without air bubbles, even in larger areas. Learn more about the material and sticking our wall stickers? Read here our product description and paste.

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