Wallpaper in the nursery provides security, gives confidence and stimulates the imagination

Earlier we already wrote a blog about how wallpapercan contribute to the development of your baby. Wallpaper but also certainly contributes to the development of your toddler or preschooler! Wallpaper gives your child confidence, peace of mind and stirs the imagination!


Toddlers and preschoolers have a lot of imagination and use it in their game. Therefore, it is like the nursery to set up a certain style, so that children can retreat into their own world. For boys for example, you set a tough kids with military themes together: for this you can use our army helicopter wallpaperand the rest of the dressing room with pillows and nets in the same color tones . Whether you're papering the walls with our canal housescolors as desired. Your child will soon have the feeling of living in a cozy village. Count on the print of the wallpaper will often be used to create a fantasy world!

canal houses in children's room wallpaper mural


Security and a familiar feeling

It is also very important for young children to play in a familiar environment and sleep. By animals wallpaper in the room, children can feel extra safe home. Take for example a bedtime ritual of every night all the owls in the tree wallpaper on the wall, say hello before bedtime. Or just sweep all Monster Pals, the lovable monsters that chase the scary monsters! So the children will feel instantly familiar to your child and trust brings peace. Goodnight!

Owls pattern wallpaper

How do you make sure your child feels comfortable in his/her own room