The first products of the new collection of wall decoration

Curious to see the first products of the new collection? Look now on quickly, because we have them for you to put a row. And they are all for sale!


Pink balloon pattern wallpaper girl room

This cute pattern wallpaper with balloons is fun in the teen room, nursery room, nursery and toddler room! Suitable for all ages, so wallpaper that grows with your child. Because the pattern and calm colors, this is a great wallpaper pattern to brighten up the room, without being too busy. It is also to reaffirm very easy on the wall.


Balloon pattern wallpaper for the boys room

balloon pattern wallpaper boys room blue red


Wallpaper Poster Paris Eiffel Tower


City Paris poster wallpaper girl nursery room nursery teen room


Mais oui, Paris! This poster wallpaper of beautiful houses in Paris, the magic of the nursery into a super hip and original playground. Poster wallpaper of Paris with the Eiffel Tower is suitable for all ages. Create an adorable baby room, an original nursery or a trendy teen room with this wallpaper!


Poster Wallpaper Paris with Eiffel Tower # 2


Paris city poster wallpaper boys maid room teen room with balloons and Eiffel Tower


Wild boars pattern wallpaper nursery



Super Cute pattern wallpaper with drawn wild boars (pencil). Due to the soft nature of the gray pencil you create a feature wall with this wallpaper, while the pattern is still not over crowded. Very nice to have one wall in the nursery, nursery or maid's room (or any other room in the house!) To give a striking accent.


Ploe and Monster Pals mix-and-match mural



Ready for a cool boy's room? And your boy too so crazy monster trucks, monsters and anything sharp teeth? Then this poster wallpaper with funny monsters Ploe and Monster Pals is definitely something for him!


Ploe and Monster Pals   pattern wallpaper



This wallpaper pattern samples Ploe and Monster Pals brings children to life! This sample pattern in bright colors is suitable for the tough boys and girls chamber. The monster companions are sweet, cute and funny, and they chase the scary monsters from the kids!


Ploe and Monster Pals wall stickers



This cheerful wall stickers samples from the series Ploe and Monster Pals make the boys room super cool! Almost all of the sample buddies are available as wall sticker and they are easy to combine with each other, with the sample pattern wallpaper or with the sample poster wallpaper. Mix and match your own room with Ploe tough guys and the monster buddies!