Duvet foxes and rabbits 1 Person

  • Material:100% Katoen
  • Washable:Washing machine 60 degrees
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • In stock:Production of order
  • Delivery time:3-5 workdays
  • Designer:Eline Krus
  • Code:8467

Price: €109,95 for 1 pieces



Duvet foxes and rabbits 1 Person

Is your child also as ' s fan nature or tales of foxes and rabbits? This original quilt is great to dream under way. Because it is double-sided use, there is lots to explore.
Gast Illustrator Eline Krus has specially designed Perron 11 quilts a collection.

Size: 140 x 200 cm (wide instopstrook +)

Cushion: 60 x 70 cm

Additional information

Performance and print duvet foxes and rabbits

Both the duvet cover as a cushion cover is made from soft 100% cotton quality and the offset bottle neck has a tuck-in strip of 40cm long. Because the duvet cover is reversible use, you always just create a different atmosphere in the nursery. On one side is the fox in the center and on the other side, for example, can cover everything under the behavior of the fox.

Mix & Match: create a children's themed foxes and rabbits

This duvet you like to combine with one or more muustickers with   bunnies. Or a wall or strip pattern wallpaper Vosjes and bunnies.   to create a playful boy or girl room

Duvet foxes and rabbits

in different sizes

We have this duvet in other sizes:

- duvet   junior

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