A children's room with theme, do not you?

A nursery decorating with a theme, is that a good idea? It is not too crowded or over-the-top? No, it really does not. Especially when you take into account these tips. Indeed, a theme room is all now

There are lots of cool themes ' to devise programs for children. What do you think of a tough jungle room, car room, or even a horse or princess room? All themes ' s where many children love them, especially in the preschool age! Has your child been a clear preference for a particular animal or your son a real autofan? How nice is it to choose the theme for the nursery? Your child will be new rooms are great! For a baby, it is obviously more difficult to estimate what he or she is soon going to like, but with animals or car ' s (small boys) denotes probably quite save. But how do you now as ' s theme in children without the over-the-top or too crowded? I'll give you five tips and a whole range of ideas theme!

atmosphere picture of children with whale theme

Tip # 1: Create a mood board for your nursery theme

A mood board making is fun to do, but it also gives you direction and has a good grip as you soon will find out the stuff. So you get a good base and is unity in your themed room. How to create a mood board? Grab a stack of magazines and tear living there all the pictures from that appeal. Do not limit yourself to specific furniture and accessories that want to buy your real or only children's furniture and accessories, but simply select all images with colors, living style, atmosphere or anything else that appeals to you. You can also add examples wallpaper, paint or dust that you have previously removed from a store or have applied online. If you have a pile of images, cock than emotional images like you really want to stick to your mood board. What colors (combinations) always come back, what appeals to you the most? See you create a specific theme for your nursery or nursery? Stick these images on a large sheet of paper and Tada: Here is your guide. Do prefera mood board on Pinterest? It is also possible, although I personally feel a great advantage of a paper mood board you can take that with you when you go shopping.  

Tip 2: Choose a color scheme before

Always a good start if you're getting started with the children (or any other room in the house) decide which color scheme you want to use. Did you make a mood board, you can here often distill out a color scheme. Do you have wallpapering, paint or fabric swatches used in your mood board you want to use in your nursery, let the color (s) then form the basis of your color scheme. Do not forget the color of the floor. The floor is usually namely, a quite large surface area and thereby freely iconic. Have a floor, choose colors that go great fit in. Will there be a new floor in the nursery, choose a floor that matches in color and material in your color scheme. Usually a color scheme consists of four or five colors or shades: one main color with a few spot colors. In a nursery - and certainly the nursery - I would not choose too many different colors, then it remains a peaceful whole. For example, you can choose some lighter or darker shades of the main color for another wall, curtains and accessories. Additionally, you can choose one other color in beautiful harmony or contrast with the dominant color. Do you find it difficult to determine which color combination works well in your children? Pinterestyou many beautiful color schemes ' s find nurseries and toddler rooms. Also found there are several websites and online tools can make a matching color scheme on the basis of a certain color. You can also find at paint stores and hardware stores many of paint samples covering a wide range of shades are one particular color. Pick out one that you like the wallpaper (or your other point) and you'll have a combination of lighter and darker shades that look beautiful on standing.  

Tip 3: Make a statement with one wall

A themed room lends itself well to make a real statement with one wall. For example, choose a photo or poster wallpaper in the selected theme on one wall. A wallpaper pattern can also, or - if you want a little less grand gesture - a wall sticker. You choose as ' to make a real eye-catcher on the wall, keep the other walls quietly them white, or paint in a quiet matching color. Then choose some matching accessories with the same theme to enhance your statement in a subtle way. Whatever brings harmony is to reinforce the theme with materials that fit. Take for example the jungle theme, choose a sturdy wooden bed, leather suitcases and a trunk for storing toys and put a real plant in the room  

Sfeerfoto jungle room

Tip 4: Pull the theme is not all too far

It's nice to have your theme on the back wall and also in some matching accessories. But of course you do not have to choose all the accessories in the theme! With accessories you can go as loose as you want, of course, but you want to pre-kindergarten or nursery not too worried, ask yourself a limit. For example, one wall, one light, one blanket and 3 accessories with the theme and the rest of the accessories in a solid color matching. Choose your car, for example, a baby room with car wallpaper on the wall, then your son will he older is undoubtedly still have a whole collection of toy cars in his room. You choose wallpaper with the theme, then of course it depends a lot on design how many accessories in the theme still fits in until it ' to much ' is becoming. And of course, your own taste!

Tip 5: Do not mix too many different styles

Cars ' s, forest animals, jungle, princess; These are all themes ' s you now encounter many accessories. Want to combine different accessories of different brands, please note, however, that they have somewhat the same style. You mix too many different styles, then you run the risk that goes together a mishmash and are therefore looks soon crowded. Choose different brands all have a fairly simple style, or just realistic animal prints, then there long before a whole. That looks much quieter  

Sfeerfoto themed room monsters

Nice theme ' s nursery or toddler room

Some more ideas for your themed room? How about the following topics ' s

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- Whales Room

- Theme room trains

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- Theme room fruit

- Dog Room

- Rabbit Room

What do you think of a theme room? Or do you own a nursery or child's room with a particular theme? I am very curious what theme and how far you've made it! Let you know in a comment below?