How to make the nursery child friendly?

Of course you want your child to give a superfine where children can play and slept. But where should you look at the layout? In this blog post we give some tips!

Tips for decorating children



Tip 1: Make the kids organized

A large, cluttered room especially for smaller children not fine. Children playing and sleeping prefer in an uncluttered space. But how do you create it? It is important that your child knows what is in which part of the room. So you can for example, walls, drapes and curtains & ldquo; & rdquo play areas; to make.   This also helps in falling asleep: children know that the bed is not a & ldquo; play area & rdquo; hear, but & ldquo; sleep area & rdquo; is.

Please make sure that your little too often of room need to change, it only makes it more confusing. Also, it is often better not to change the layout of the room. Think so immediately sure how the room can be arranged so that the room can grow with your child without changing too much.

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Wallpaper Amsterdam boy

Tip 2: Stimulating spots in the nursery

Small children want if they are to be stimulated senses awake. Therefore provide these incentives. For babies who can not walk yet, you can do so by wallpaper (read our blog: & ldquo; How does wallpaper to the development of your baby & rdquo;). But also a variety of materials in the room can stimulate your (small) child. Let children especially look and feel!

Tip 3: Soothing spots in the nursery

Make sure that there are peaceful spots in the room where your child can retreat here. Especially with children sharing a room, it is important that these quiet places will be created in the room. Together with their friends in the games room is nice, but pull back should always be when your son or daughter will be too busy.

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girl plays quietly for bird wallpaper

Tip 4: Give toys own place in the nursery

In the overview of the room, still hears another tip: give toys private storage area in the room. So your child knows where is all the toys and where they can store it later. Is for you, as a parent, also quite handy! , -)


How do you decorate the nursery? Whether you have already decorated a beautiful nursery and want to share your tips? Let us and other readers know below! We are looking forward to setting up your child's room.