Inspiration for the nursery: balloons!

Are you still looking for ideas for a sweet and cute kids? Maybe we can give you inspiration! We researched a number of products to suit our papers, the theme "balloon" for you together. How cute!

1. Hot air balloon kit   - Craft SchmaftPrice: $ 65.00   <../strong>

This super cute balloon mobile for children move you with clear instructions all together yourself. You only filling, scissors, needle and thread required! Multiple colors and patterns available.  

2. Hot air balloon art clock& nbsp - Double Trouble Design. Price: € 41.53


In a children's room with the theme balloons, the balloon clock can not miss! Easy to hang, but can also be put down on a shelf.  

3. Pattern Wallpaper balloon  - Perron 11. Price:  € 107.50 per roll.

Up, up and away with this super cute pink balloon wallpaper   by the pattern and calm colors, this is a great wallpaper pattern to brighten up the room, without being too busy. It is also to reaffirm very easy on the wall. On a roll down three jobs to three meters long and 50 cm wide. This wallpaper is available in the colors blue and red .  

4. Painting "Fly"  - BillyandScarlett . Price: € 15.10


A super cute balloon painting on A4. Looks great in a list, but can also be pasted on the wall decoration tape  

5. Hot air balloon baby shower party circles  - PrintasticDesign. Price: € 3.78


Give you a baby shower or do you celebrate a birthday? Print or easy self this "party circles" for a party with balloon theme  

6. Hot air balloon pillowcase  - bestlove2u. Price:  13.97


This pad with the text "Home is where the breeze takes us", is not only fun for the children, but also in the living room or bedroom! This pillow is 45 x 45 cm and a very nice addition to any home.  

7. Wrapping Paper Balloon  -   Butterflies in your stomach. Price:  3.20 per four meters  


Now that's a nice gift, a gift wrapped in this beautiful gift wrapping! But this gift wrap can be used also to create a great painting for the children. Cheap & original.  

8. Wrapping Paper balloon  -   Pape Edge Present. Price:  3.78 2 pieces of 19 x 26 inch 


Another nice gift paper there with balloons. This is super detailed and contain many colors. This is so easy to combine with all kinds of colors ribbons and bows.  

What do you think about the topic of "balloon"? Would you like to make a balloon room, or not? Do you have a great theme in mind, then we like!