Wall Sticker White Bunny

  • Material:Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Application:Herpositioneerbaar
  • Wipe off:Yes
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • In stock:Production of order
  • Delivery time:3-5 workdays
  • Return deadline:14 dagen
  • Designer:Eileen Boeijkens
  • Code:8140

Price: €24,95 for 1 pieces



Wall Sticker White Bunny

Dear wall sticker of a cute bunny in (broken) white and cream. Super Fun for the nursery or toddler room!

Size wall sticker Rabbit: 20 x 29 cm

This wall sticker is perfect for our poster wallpaper Kampeerbosor wallpaper pattern with bunnies. Nice to paste the wallpaper on one wall and another wall, the wall sticker Bunny! Or combine this wall sticker with one or more of our other wall stickers from the series Kampeerbos.

Additional information

Wall Sticker rabbit sticking

This wall sticker bunny is easy on (almost) every stick surface. Our wall decals are certainly ready-made cut, you do it so just stick on the wall! Moreover, the wall stickers are non-permanent, so you can easily reposition them even while sticking. They are also over time simply paste it to another place and later removed again simple. And yet they stick excellent, even after years! Read more about the stick and the sticker material.

Guest designer

Guest designer Eileen Boeijkens made this sticker specifically for Perron 11! She also made the matching pattern wallpaper and poster wallpaper Kampeerbos, as well as some other patterns, wall stickers, decorative duvet covers and pillow.   For now her wallpaper and wall stickers only available through our shop.

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